Using John The Ripper To Crack Password Hashes

When To Use John The Ripper

How to Download John The Ripper

locate john

Getting Started

./john passwordFile

John’s Cracking Modes

Wordlist Mode

./john --wordlist=/usr/share/wordlists/rockyou.txt passwordFile

Single Crack Mode

unshadow /etc/passwd /etc/shadow > passwordFile
./john --single passwordFile

Incremental Mode

File = $JOHN/alpha.chr
MinLen = 1
MaxLen = 13
CharCount = 52
./john --incremental=Digits passwordFile

Hash Formats

./john --format=Raw-MD5 passwordFile
./john --list=formats




A cybersecurity enthusiast, and founder @

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A. Boukar

A. Boukar

A cybersecurity enthusiast, and founder @

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